China Import Tariff Landed Cost Report

1. Goods HS Classification:                                                    Report Time:5/16/2021 3:29:14 PM

HS code  4907009011 
Article English Name Certificate of Concession 
Article Chinese Name 特许权使用凭证(包括软件升级许可证、软件用户许可证等,但游戏软件升级许可证、游戏软件用户许可证除外);

2.Export and import Country
From Country of Origin : China Import to : China

3. Applicable Tariff Rate:
Tariff & Tax Item Rates Tariff & Tax Item Rates
General Nation Duty 50.00% Most-favored Nation (MFN) Duty   6.00%
FTA Conventional Duty 0%~6.00% 2019 MFN Interim Import Duty   0.00%
Consumption Tax 0.00% Import VAT 13.00%
Note: If the exporting country of origin is classified to multi-Duty class, then the lowest duty rate is applicable.

4. Goods CIF Value (USD)
Goods CIF Value: $129,578.00 This is the customs values of your imported goods to china,Include cost of Freight and insurance. 

5. China Customs Import Tariff Calculation Result:
Tariff & Tax Item Rates Tariff Amount (USD) Tariff Calculating Formula 
Import Duty 6.00% $ 7,774.68 Custom Duty=CIF * Import Duty Rate%
Consumption Tax  0.00% $ 0.00   Consumption Tax= [(CIF + Customs Duty) /(1-Consumption Tax Rat%)] * Consumption Tax Rate%
Import VAT 13.00% $ 17,855.85  VAT=(CIF+Duty+Consumption Tax) * VAT Rate%
Total Tariff 19.78% $ 25,630.53 This is total Tariff that need to be paid to china customs, but not include the CIQ inspection & quarantine charge and Port Dock cost.

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