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  • HS编码
    HS code
    HS System Commodity Name
    海关税率 到岸成本计算 海关监管代码 检验检疫代码 GB国家标准
    3301901090 其他提取的油樹脂,
    Other extracted oleoresins

    8202201000 雙金屬帶鋸條,
    Double metal band saw blade

    6117900041 化纖制針織毛衫的零件,针织或钩编
    Knitted or crocheted parts of sweaters of man- made fibres

    3506100010 矽酮結構密封膠,零售包装每件净重不超过1千克
    Structural silicone sealant, put up for retail sale, not exceeding a net weight of 1 kg



    0305640090 鹽醃及鹽漬的羅非魚(口孵非鯽屬)、鯰魚((魚芒)鯰屬、鯰屬、胡鯰屬、真鮰屬)、鯉科魚(西鯉、黑鯽、草魚、鰱屬、鯪屬、青魚)、其他鰻魚(鰻鱺屬)、尼羅河鱸魚(尼祿尖吻鱸)及黑魚(鱧屬),食用雜碎除外,干或熏制的除外
    Tilapias, catfish, carp, eels, Nile perch and snakeheads, salted or in brine(but not dried nor smoked), other than edible fish offal



    8486403100 IC工廠專用的自動搬運機器人,
    Automated material handling machines solely or principally of a kind used in the electronic integrated circuits factories

    0105999300 超過185克的非改良種用珍珠雞,
    Guinea fowls,weighing more than 185g (other than pure-bred breeding)



    4202119090 其他以皮革或再生皮革作面的箱包,包括提箱、小手袋、公文包、书包及类似容器,但不包括衣箱
    Cases(suit-cases, executive-cases, brief-cases, school satchels and similar containers, other than trunks)with outer surface of leather or of composition leather

    9026201090 其他壓力、差壓變送器,
    Other pressure, differential pressure transducers

    6810191000 人造石制磚,瓦,扁平石,含类似品,不论是否加强
    Tiles ,flagstones,bricks and similar articles of artificial stone and the like(whether or not reinforced)

    5007109091 其他䌷絲機織物,含䌷丝85%以下,与精梳羊毛或动物细毛混纺
    Other fabrics of noil silk(containing less than 85% by weight of noil silk mixed with combed wool or fine animal hair)

    8414599010 羅茨式鼓風機,
    Roots blower



    5311001331 苧麻府綢及細平布,苎麻含量≥85%,与棉及化纤混纺,化纤限内
    Poplin and fine plain cloth of ramie, mixed with cotton and man-made fibres, containing 85% or more by weight of ramie, man-made fibres limit in

    8522903190 其他影音光碟機的機芯,
    Movement of other kinds of laser disc players

    5516920040 染色人纖短纖乳酪布等,与其他纤维混纺,人纤短纤含量<85%,含薄细布,巴里纱
    Cheese cloth, voiles and muslin, dyed, mixed with other fibres, containing less than 85% by weight of artificial staple fibres

    1103192990 其他大米粗粒及粗粉,配额外
    Groats and meal of other rice(out-of-quota)



    9506210000 帆板,

    7207110000 寬度小於厚度兩倍的矩形截面鋼坯,含碳量小于0.25%
    Semi-finished products of iron or non-alloy steel, of rectangular(including square)cross-section, the width measuring less than twice the thickness(containing by weight less than 0.25% of carbon)

    6108191000 棉制針織或鉤編女式長襯裙及襯裙,
    Knitted or crocheted women’s or girls’ slips and petticoats of cotton

    2843290010 氰化銀,氰化銀鉀,亞砷酸銀,银氰化钾,砷酸银
    Silver cyanide, Potassium silver cyanide, Silver arsenite, Silver arsenate


    8431492000 裝有差速器的驅動橋及其零件,不論是否裝有其他傳動部件,
    Drive-axles with differential and parts thereof, whether or not provided with other transmission components

    1604193100 製作或保藏的斑點叉尾鮰魚,整条或切块,但未绞碎
    Channel catfish(Ictalurus punctatus),prepared or preserved, whole or in pieces, but not minced



    3911900003 改性三羥乙基脲酸酯類預縮聚物,
    Prepoly condensate of modified 3-hydroxyethyl urea esters

    2909410000 2,2'-氧聯二乙醇(二甘醇),
    2, 2-Oxydiethanol(diethylene glycol,digol)

    8606990000 品目8606所列其他未列名非機動車,
    Other vans and wagons not listed in heading No.84.51

    6206300020 棉制女童遊戲套裝衫,含游戏套装衬衫
    Girls’ playsuit of cotton, including shirt of playsuit



    4412949990 其他針葉木面木塊芯膠合板等,还包括侧板条芯胶合板及板条芯胶合板
    Other blockboard, including laminboard and battenboard, with outer ply of coniferous wood



    2922199090 其他氨基醇及其醚、酯和它們的鹽,但含有一种以上含氧基的除外
    Other alkamine and their ethers, esters and their salts(other than those containing more than one kind of Oxygen function)

    0302550000 鮮或冷狹鱈魚,鱼肝及鱼卵除外
    Alaska Pollack(Pollachius virens),fresh or chilled, excluding livers and roes



    7322900000 非電熱空氣加熱器、暖氣分佈器,包括零件
    Other air heaters and hot air distributors(including distributors which can also distribute fresh or conditioned air),and parts thereof, not electrically heated

    2502000000 未焙燒的黃鐵礦,
    Unroasted iron pyrites

    0712909990 幹制的其他蔬菜及什錦蔬菜,整个,切块,切片,破碎或制成粉状,但未经进一步加工的
    Other dried vegetables; dried mixtures of vegetables (whole, cut, sliced, broken or in powder, but not further prepared)



    5210299091 其他漂白與其他化纖混紡緞布,每平米重≤200克,含棉85%以下
    Other satin cloth, mixed with other manmade fibres, bleached, weighing not more than 200g/㎡, containing less than 85% by weight of cotton

    2933399027 驅蠅啶,烯啶蟲胺,
    Dipropyl pyridine, nitenpyram


    8459619000 切削金屬的其他數控銑床,但品目8458的车床及龙门铣床除外
    Other milling machines, for removing metal, numerically controlled(other than lathes of heading No.84.58 or planomilling machines)



    5509990000 非零售與其他混紡合纖短纖紗線,混纺指按重量计其他合成纤维短纤含量在85%以下
    Other yarn of synthetic staple fibres mxed with others(containing less than 85% weight of other yarn of synthetic staple fibres),not for retail sale

    2941905700 頭孢噻肟及其鹽,
    Cefotaxime and its salts


    8712004900 其他越野自行車,包括运货三轮车
    Other cross-country bicycles (including delivery tricycles)


    6301200010 毛制毯子及旅行毯,羊毛或动物细毛制,非电暖的,长度不超过3米
    Non-electric blankets and travelling rugs, of wool or of fine animal hair, of a length not exceeding 3m)

    6001910000 棉制針織或鉤編起絨織物,
    Terry fabrics of cotton,knitted or crocheted

    3301301000 鳶尾凝脂(香膏類),
    Balsam of irises

    8113009090 其他金屬陶瓷及其製品,顆粒或粉末除外,包括废料
    Other metal ceramics and related products, including waste, other than other than granules or powder

    6117900023 毛制針織上衣的零件,针织或钩编,羊毛或动物细毛
    Knitted or crocheted parts of upper outer garments, of wool or fine animal hair

    3502900000 其他白蛋白及白蛋白鹽,包括白蛋白衍生物
    Other albumins, albuminates and other albumin derivatives



    0106199010 其他瀕危哺乳動物,包括人工驯养、繁殖的
    Other endangered mammals (including domesticated and artificially propagated)



    8486301000 製造平板顯示器用擴散、氧化、退火及其他熱處理設備,
    Oxidation, diffusion, annealing and other heat treatment equipment for the manufacture of flat panel displays

    4115100000 再生皮革,以皮革或皮革纤维为基本成分,成块,张,条,不论是否成卷
    Composition leather with a basis of leather or leather fibre, in slabs, sheets or strip, whether or not in rolls

    9024101000 電子萬能試驗機,
    Electric multitesting machines

    6804309000 手用其他磨石及拋光石,
    Other hand sharpening or polishing stones

    5007101039 未漂白或漂白的䌷絲機織物,未练白或练白的,含䌷丝85%以下,与其他混纺,羊毛限内
    Fabrics of noil silk, unbleached or bleached(unscoured or scoured, containing less than 85% by weight of noil silk, mixed with others, wool limit in)

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