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  • HS编码
    HS code
    HS System Commodity Name
    海关税率 到岸成本计算 海关监管代码 检验检疫代码 GB国家标准
    5309211027 未漂白的混紡亞麻機織印染用布,亚麻含量在85%以下,与棉及化纤混纺,化纤限内
    Cloth of flax for printing and dyeing, mixed with cotton and man-made fibres, containing less than 85% by weight of flax, man- made fibres limit in

    6210500092 用塑膠等處理其他紡材制女防風衣,含用橡胶及其他材料处理织物制带风帽防寒短上衣、风衣
    Women’s or girls’ wind-cheaters, of other textile materials, treated with plastic; including anoraks, wind-cheaters of fabrics, treated with rubber or other materials

    2918199030 γ-羥基丁酸及其鹽,
    γ-hydroxybutyric acid and its salts


    0206900090 凍藏的馬、驢、騾雜碎,
    Edible offal of horses, asses, mules or hinnies, frozen



    5516240020 印花人纖短纖平布,人造纤维短纤含量在85%以下,与化纤长丝混纺
    Plain fabrics, printed, containing less than 85% by weight of artificial staple fibres, mixed with man-made filaments

    7605290000 最大截面尺寸≤7mm的鋁合金絲,
    Wire of aluminium alloys , of which the maximum cross-sectional dimension 7 mm or less

    2930909014 二(2-氯乙基)硫醚,即芥子气
    Bis(2-chloroethyl)thioether (mustard gas)


    6104690049 其他紡織材料制針織或鉤編女長褲,包括女童7-16号,包括马裤
    Knitted or crocheted women’s trousers and breeches, including girls’ , size 7-16, of other textile materials

    8472309000 其他信件折疊、分類、開或閉封機,包括信件装封机及粘贴邮票机和盖销邮票机
    Other machines for sorting or folding mail or opening, closing or sealing mail(including machines for inserting mail in envelopes or bands, and machines for affixing or cancelling postage stamps)

    2935001000 磺胺嘧啶,

    6204299041 含褲子的其他材料制女式便服套裝,化纤限内
    Women’s or girls’ ensembles of other materials, including trousers, man-made fibres limit in

    9005809000 其他光學望遠鏡,包括单筒望远镜
    Monoculars, Other optical telescopes

    3004909072 已配劑量含雄甾-5-烯-3α, 17α-二醇(5-雄烯二醇(3α, 17α))的單方製劑,包括零售包装
    Single preparation, containing androst-5-ene -3α, 17α-diol, put up in measured doses, packings for retail sale


    6304999020 人造纖維制非針織非鉤編裝飾品,
    Other furnishing articles of man-made fibres, not knitted or crocheted

    3903900000 初級形狀的其他苯乙烯聚合物,
    Other polymers of styrene, in primary forms

    8404200000 水及其他蒸汽動力裝置的冷凝器,
    Condensers for steam or other vapour power units



    4411131900 密度>0.8g/cm3且5mm<厚度≤9mm 的其他中密度纖維板,
    Other fibreboard of a density exceeding 0.8g/cm3 , of a thickness exceeding 5mm but not exceeding 9mm



    8507809090 其他蓄電池,



    5209430000 其他色織的全棉三、四線斜紋布,指每平方米重超过200克,含棉≥85%,包括双面斜纹机织物
    Other fabrics of 3-thread or 4-thread twill, including cross twill, yarn-dyed, weighing more than 200 g/㎡, containing 85% or more by weight of cotton



    0709592000 鮮或冷藏的香菇,
    Shiitake, fresh or chilled



    9108110000 已組裝的機械指示式完整電子錶芯,
    Watch movements, complete and assembled, With mechanical display only or with a device to which a mechanical display can be incorporated

    5408340094 印花的人纖長絲緞紋或斜紋布,混纺布指按重量计人纤长丝,扁条或类似品含量在85%以下
    Printed satin or twill cloth of artificial filaments (Mixed cloth refers to containing less than 85% by weight of artificial filament or strip or the like)

    7015909000 品目7015的其他未經光學加工玻璃,
    Other glassware including those of heading No.70.15 ,not optically worked

    1211903890 其他椴樹(歐椴)花及葉,
    Other linden flower and leaf



    5903909041 用其他塑膠浸漬的精梳毛織物,用其他塑料涂布包、覆或层压的,精梳羊毛或动物细毛≥50%
    Other textile fabrics, containing 50% or more by weight of combed wool or fine animal hair impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with other plastics

    8419909000 品目8419的機器設備用零件,其他利用温度变化处理材料的机器等用零件
    Other parts of machines for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature such as heating

    6114300011 化纖制針織或鉤編連身衣,含羊/动物细毛23%及以上
    Overall, of man-made fibres, knitted or crocheted, containing 23% or more by weight of wool or fine animal hair

    8532290000 其他固定電容器,
    Other fixed capacitors

    2003901010 非用醋製作的香菇罐頭,用醋或醋酸以外其他方法制作或保藏的(非伞菌属蘑菇)
    Shiitake, canned, prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar or acetic acid(not mushrooms)



    9803009000 其他定制型軟體,
    Other software, only for export, other than software of curing or integrated with the product as a whole software

    7223000000 不銹鋼絲,
    Wire of stainless steel

    4104191190 其他藍濕牛皮,经鞣制不带毛
    Other tanned or crust hides and skins of bovine, in the wet-blue state, without hair on



    2825901990 其他鎢的氧化物及氫氧化物,
    Other tungsten oxides and hydroxides

    2612200000 釷礦砂及其精礦,
    Thorium ores and concentrates


    8443393200 數位式靜電照相印刷機(鐳射印刷機),不可与自动数据处理设备或网络连接
    digital Electrostatic photographic printing machines(Laser printing machines)(cannot be connected to auto data processing equipment or network)

    4823400000 已印製的自動記錄器用打印紙,切成一定尺寸或形状的打印纸卷,纸张及纸盘
    Rolls, sheets and dials, printed, for self-recording apparatus

    2903772018 四氯二氟乙烷,

    8703332390 3<排量≤4升裝壓燃往復式活塞內燃發動機小客車的成套散件,9座及以下的
    Complete parts of station wagons (9 seats or less ) of a cylinder capacity exceeding 3L but not exceeding 4L,with compression-ignition internal combustion reciprocating piston engine



    5309211011 未漂白與精梳毛混紡的亞麻機織物,亚麻含量在85%以下,含17%以上羊毛或动物细毛
    Woven fabrics of flax, unbleached, mixed, containing 17% or more by weight of combed wool or fine animal hair, and less than 85% by weight of flax

    0305640010 鹽醃及鹽漬的花鰻鱺,食用雜碎除外,干或熏制的除外
    Marbled eels(Anguilla marmorata),salted or in brine(but not dried nor smoked), other than edible fish offal



    6210400093 用塑膠等處理其他紡材制男長、短褲,含用橡胶及其他材料处理的其他纺材制男长、短裤
    Men’s or boys’ trousers and shorts, of other textile materials, treated with rubber or other materials

    2918160000 葡糖酸及其鹽和酯,
    Gluconic acid, its salts and esters

    5516220040 染色人纖短纖緞紋或斜紋機織物,人造纤维短纤含量在85%以下,与化纤长丝混纺
    Satin weave or twill weave fabrics, dyed, containing less than 85% by weight of artificial staple fibres, mixed with man-made filaments

    7601200010 鹼金屬含量(Na+K+Ca)<10ppm,氫含量<0.12ml/100gAl的低堿精煉鋁合金,
    The content of alkali metals(Na+K+calcium)<10ppm,low alkali hydrogen content of <0.12ml/100grams of aluminum in the refining process of aluminum allyoy

    2930901000 雙巰丙氨酸(胱氨酸),



    6104690029 其他人纖制針織或鉤編其他女褲,包括长裤、马裤
    Other knitted or crocheted women’s or girls’ trousers and breeches, of artificial fibres

    8471604000 巨,大,中及小型電腦用終端,输入或输出部件,不论是否在同一机壳内有存储部件
    Terminating machines for the huge computers,Mainframes and minicomputers (input or output units, whether or not containing storage units in the same housing)

    2934999073 呋替啶、左嗎拉胺、3-甲基硫代芬太尼,以及它们的盐
    Furethidine, levomoramide, 3-methylthiofenta-nyl (and their salts)


    6204230099 其他合成纖維制其他女式便服套裝,
    Other women’s or girls’ ensembles of other synthetic fibres

    9002901090 其他照相機用未列名光學元件,但物镜,滤色镜除外
    Unlisted optical components for camera (excluding objective lenses and filters)

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