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  • HS编码
    HS code
    HS System Commodity Name
    海关税率 到岸成本计算 海关监管代码 检验检疫代码 GB国家标准
    8428101090 其他載客電梯,
    Other passenger elevators



    5208110020 未漂白全棉平紋機織平布,每平方米重量不超过100克,68号及以下
    Plain weave cloth of cotton, unbleached, weighing not more than 100g/㎡, No.68 or below

    8543709910 飛行資料記錄器、報告器,
    Flight data recorders and reporters

    5407820020 染色的與棉混紡平布,混纺合纤布指按重量计其他合成纤维长丝含量在85%以下
    Dyed plain cloth, mixed with cotton (cloth of synthetic filaments refers to containing less than 85% by weight of other synthetic filaments)

    6204620010 棉制女式護胸背帶工裝褲,
    Women’s or girls’ bib and brace overalls of cotton

    5806200000 含彈性紗線≥5%狹幅織物,包括含橡胶线,品目5807的货品除外
    Narrow woven fabrics, containing 5% or more by weight of elastomeric yarn or rubber thread, other than goods of heading.No.58.07

    7309000000 容積>300升鋼鐵制盛物容器,容积>300升的囤、柜、桶、罐、听及类似容器
    Reservoirs, tanks, vats and similar containers for any material(other than compressed or liquefied gas), of iron or steel, of a capacity exceeding 300L,whether or not lined or heat-insulated,but not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipmen

    0101900000 騾,
    Mules and hinnies



    6110909022 其他紡材制針織或鉤編非起絨馬甲,羊毛限内,毛衫背心除外
    Waistcoats, of other textile materials, not piled, knitted or crocheted, wool limit in, other than sweater or vest

    8452290000 其他非自動縫紉機,家用型除外
    Other non-automatic sewing machines(other than of household type)

    2815110000 固體氫氧化鈉,
    Solid sodium hydroxide(caustic soda)



    8708702000 大型客車用車輪及其零、附件,指30座及以上的客运车
    Road wheels and parts and accessories there Of the vehicles of headings No. 8702.1091 and 8702.9010


    6213909010 化纖制其他手帕,
    Other handkerchiefs of man-made fibres

    4010320000 60cm<周長≤180cm三角帶,硫化橡胶制梯形截面的环形传动带,V形肋状带除外
    Endless transmission belts of trapezoidal cross-section(V-belts), other than V-ribbed, of an outside circumference exceeding 60cm but not exceeding 180cm , of vulcanized rubber

    2902909010 聯苯,

    8105209010 鈷≥99.5%的超細鈷粉,费氏粒度0.8-1.5μm,松装密度0.4-0.8g/立方厘米
    Supper-fine cobalt powders, containing 99.5% or more of cobalt(Fischer granularinty 0.8-1.5μm, fill density 0.4-0.89/cm3)

    4804190000 漂白的牛皮掛麵紙,成卷或成张的及未经涂布的
    Other uncoated kraft paper, bleached, in rolls or sheets

    1004100000 種用燕麥,
    Oats for Seed



    2916392000 布洛芬,

    0601102100 種用休眠的百合球莖,
    lily corms,dormant, seed



    8480711000 硫化輪胎用囊式型模,注模或压模
    Moulds for vulcanization tyre( injection or compression types)

    5212130030 染色其他混紡府綢及平細布,每平米重≤200克,与化纤以外其他纤维混纺
    Poplin and fine plain cloth, mixed with other fibres with other fibres, other than man-made fibres, dyed, weighing not more than 200g/㎡

    2926909050 辛硫磷,


    0206300000 鮮或冷藏的豬雜碎,
    Edible offal Of swine, fresh or chilled



    9017200000 其他繪圖、劃線或數學計算器具,
    Other drawing, marking-out or mathematical calculating instruments

    5515130012 未漂白或漂白的聚酯短纖與粗梳毛混紡布,含羊毛或动物细毛36%及以上,聚酯短纤含量在85%以下
    Woven fabrics, mixed, with 36% or more by weight carded wool or of fine animal hair, and less than 85% by weight of polyester staple fibres, unbleached or bleached

    6406201000 橡膠制的外底及鞋跟,
    Out soles and heels of rubber

    1518000000 化學改性的動、植物油、脂,包括其分离品及本章油脂混合制成的非食用油脂或制品,品目1516的产品除外
    Animal or vegetable fats and oils and fractions thereof, boiled, oxidized, dehydrated, sulphurized, blown, polymerized by heat in vacuum or in inert gas or otherwise chemically modified, excluding those of heading No.15.16;inedible mixtures or preparatio



    2934300000 含一個吩噻嗪環系的化合物,吩噻嗪环系不论是否氢化,化合物未经进一步稠合的
    Compounds containing in the structure a phen- othiazine ringsystem(whether or not hydrogen- ated), not further fused

    6103490031 其他紡材制男式護胸背帶工裝褲,针织或钩编,棉限内
    Men’s or boys’ bib and brace overalls, of other textile materials, knitted or crocheted, cotton limit in

    8413309000 冷卻劑泵,活塞式内燃发动机用的
    Cooling medium pumps ( for internal combustion piston engines )

    3004320075 已配劑量含7β-羥基-普拉睾酮的單方製劑,包括其衍生物及结构类似物,不含抗菌素,包括零售包装
    Single preparation containing 7β-Hydroxytestosterone, and their derivatives and structuralanalogues, not containing antibiotics, put up in measured doses


    6203429030 棉制男式長褲、馬褲,游戏装,带防寒衬里
    Men’s or boys’ trousers and breeches, playsuit, of cotton, with thermal lining

    8517121029 其他CDMA數字式手持無線電話機,
    Other kinds of parts of CDMA handheld digital cordless phone



    2208909001 酒精濃度在80%以下的未改性乙醇,
    Undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 80% vol



    3815900000 其他未列名的反應引發劑、促進劑,包括反应催化剂
    Reaction initiators, accelerators and other catalytic preparations, not elsewhere specified or included

    0304930090 凍的羅非魚(口孵非鯽屬)、鯰魚((魚芒)鯰屬、鯰屬、胡鯰屬、真鮰屬)、鯉科魚(西鯉、黑鯽、草魚、鰱屬、鯪屬、青魚)、其他鰻魚(鰻鱺屬)、尼羅河鱸魚(尼祿尖吻鱸)及黑魚(鱧屬)魚肉,不论是否绞碎
    Frozen meat(whether or not minced) of Tilapias(Oreochromis spp.), Catfish(Pangasius spp., Silurus spp., Clarias spp., Ictalurus spp.), carp(Cyprinus carpio, Carassius carassius, Ctenopharyngodon idellus, Hypophthalmichthys spp., Cirrhinus spp., Mylopharyn



    9402109000 牙科及類似用途的椅及其零件,
    Dentists', or similar chairs and parts thereof

    7112921000 鉑及包鉑的廢碎料,但含有其他贵金属的除外
    Waste and scrap of platinum or platinum compounds, but excluding sweepings containing other precious metals



    4407910091 非端部接合的蒙古櫟厚板材,经纵锯、纵切、刨切或旋切的,厚度超过6mm
    mongolia oak planks-end joining(sawn or chipped lengthwise,sliced or peeled,the thickness of >6mm



    8426199000 其他高架移動式起重吊運設備,
    Other overhead travelling cranes

    0104209000 非改良種用山羊,
    Other goats(other than pure-bred breeding)



    5206410000 非零售精梳粗支混紡棉多股紗,粗支指单纱细度≥714.29分特,含棉量<85%
    Multiple(folded) or cabled yarn, of uncombed fibres, not put up for retail sale, measuring per single yarn 714.29 decitex or more (not exceeding 14 metric number per single yarm), containing less than 85% by weight of cotton

    8542320000 用作記憶體的積體電路,
    Electronic integrated circuits for Memories

    5407730000 色織的其他純合纖長絲布,纯合纤布指按重量计其他合成纤维长丝含量≥85%
    Other woven fabrics of yarns of different colours, containing 85% or more by weight of synthetic filaments

    6204499093 其他材料制女式連衣裙,化纤限内
    Women’s or girls’ dresses of other textile materials, man-made fibres limit in

    5805009030 化纖制"哥白林"等手織裝飾毯,包括"弗朗德","奥步生","波威"及类似式样的手织装饰毯
    Hand-woven tapestries of the type Gobelins, of man-made fibres (including the type Flanders, Aubusson, Beauvais and the like)

    7306900090 未列名其他鋼鐵管及空心異型材,
    Other tubes, pipes and hollow profiles,not elsewhere specified or included



    6110901019 絲及絹絲制針織或鉤編起絨毛衫等,含丝<70%,含开衫、马甲
    Sweater, cardigans and waistcoats, piled, knitted or crocheted, containing less than 70% by weight of silk or spun silk

    8451300000 熨燙機及擠壓機(包括熔壓機),
    Ironing machines and presses(including fusing presses)

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