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Guide of Food Products Export to China

If all the check boxes are green, congratulations!your merchandise can be exported to China normally;
If there are red, orange, or yellow boxes, that mean some of your items may not be compliance with Chinese regulations, you need to handle relevant procedure in advance,
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  • Check list for Food Products Export to China (Pre-shipment Phase):    
  • Step FAQs  

    China Regulations' Challenge

    Are your Food category allowed to import into China from the country of origin?
    .          A: YesB: No C: Needn'tD: Pending       .
    For some "high-risk" food Categories,need the Chinese government to sign relevant bilateral protocol with the country of origin in advance, before they can be allowed to import to china; such as agricultural products, meat, dairy products,Aquatic products,Feed, etc.

    Check the GACC National White List

    Do your companies have GACC registration ID or Certification ?
    .          A: YesB: No C: Needn'tD: Pending       .
    Before shipping to China, All imported food overseas manufacturers , overseas exporter and Chinese importers, need to apply GACC ( General Administration of Customs of China) registration in advance. In each Customs clearance process, need fill this GACC ID in all Customs documents;

    Check GACC registered companies list
    Are your manufacturers on the recommended list for export China of your country's authority ?
    .          A: YesB: No C: Needn'tD: Pending       .
    Overseas producers of the following foods shall be recommended by the competent authorities of their countries/regions to GACC for registration: meat products, sausage casings, aquatic products, dairy products, bird nest products, bee products, egg products, edible oils and fats, oilseeds, stuffed wheaten products, edible grains, milled grain industry products and malt, fresh and dehydrated vegetables and dried beans, condiments, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, unroasted coffee beans and cocoa beans, foods for special dietary purposes, and health foods.

    Check the GACC Company White List
    Do your products have Chinese labeling ?
    .          A: YesB: No C: Needn'tD: Pending       .
    Most imported foods need to have chinese label except of some primary agricultural products. Each food category, have its specific Chinese label norm, include Content, format, labeling method, etc. the Chinese labeling samples must be submitted to CIQ for inspection before customs clearance ;

    Check the Chinese Labeling requirements
    Do the formula ingredients of your product meet the requirements of China ?
    .          A: YesB: No C: Needn'tD: Pending       .
    The formula ingredients of all imported foods must comply with the requirements of the relevant Chinese food safety regulations; Must not contain prohibited ingredients;The content of food additives must be within the allowable range; The formula ingredient evaluation report must be submitted to CIQ for review before customs clearance ;

    Check permitted food ingredients
    Does the quality of your products meet China's requirements ?
    .          A: YesB: No C: Needn'tD: Pending       .
    The quality indicators of all imported foods must meet the requirements of relevant Chinese food safety regulations and China national GB standards. CIQ will sampling test imported foods. The testing items mainly include physical and chemical indicators, heavy metals, microbiologicals, prohibited ingredients, etc..

    Check GB standards for food
    Does your product require pre-market approval before importing?
    .          A: YesB: No C: Needn'tD: Pending       .
    Some special food products, need to apply China's relevant government agencies pre-market approval, licensing or certification in advance before export to china ; Such as, Nutritional supplements, functional health foods, infant formula milk powder, pet foods, GMOs products, etc.;

    Check Pre-market approval itemts
    Have you registered your trademark in China ?
    .          A: YesB: No C: Needn'tD: Pending       .
    Usually the China customs will not check trademarks, but if your trademark has been registered in China and the registrant has applied for Customs intellectual property protection, your goods will not be cleared.

    Check Trademark in China
  • Major China Administrative Agencies for Imported Food Products::
  • Abbreviation Agency Name Scope of supervision
    GACC General Administration of Customs of China   All Overseas and domestic importers, exporters, manufacturers, customs agents related to import & export trade of China.
    CIQ China entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau   Inspection and quarantine for all import and export goods, GACC affiliated institutions.
    NMPA National Medical Products Administration  Drugs, APIs, Pharmaceuticals excipients, pharmaceutical packaging materials, medical devices, diagnostic reagents, cosmetics, etc.
    MOA Ministry of Agriculture of China   Primary agricultural products, GMO agricultural products, Animal feed, Pet food, etc.
    CNCA Certification & Accreditation Administration of China   Overseas Manufacturer of dairy products, meat products, and aquatic products, China compulsory certification etc.
    SAMR State Administration for Market Regulation of China   Functional health foods, nutritional supplements, infant formula milk powder, formula foods for special medical purposes, etc.
    MOFCOM Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China  Import license, import quota, certificate of origin, etc.  
    CFDA China Food and Drug Administration   The supervision function has been split into NMPA and SAMR
    AQSIQ General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection & Quarantine The supervision function has been split into GACC and SAMR